5 Questions with Apeseven (retrospect)

When and how did the world of Apeseven begin, including the tag name

It started around 2002 while backpacking/camping around Europe mainly.  I was so blown away with the calibre of graffiti and street-art there I knew instantly that I wanted it to be part of my life.

Your style is incredibly distinctive.  Do you like to stick with the familiar, or thrive when extending yourself in to unchartered territories

The fact that I am not a commercial artist means I get to explore, grow and evolve my works in ways that are challenging to me. Having said that, a few group shows are coming up and making me go in directions away from pop-surreal.

Is there a relief of sorts when it comes to street: free style, no rules, no boundaries or are commissions more of a comfort zone with the rigid timetables and requirements from thems who pay money

I find street and gallery work both enjoyable.  I do not do commissions, I paint what I want to pain and so far have been lucky enough that people appreciate what I do and part with their hard earned money.

What has been your biggest challenge/installation to date

Biggest challenge was an animated short I made a couple of years ago…super fun but super long project at the time.  It payed off and I got great satisfaction from the process….now I just laugh at it. Biggest installation has definitely been a wall I painted recently in Sydney: 22m x 4.5m.

Where does the world of Apeseven see itself in say “seven” years

Doing exactly what I do now…exploring light, surfaces, ideas and showing people my journey.

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