Melbourne 2019

who is xufux

XUFUX is  Rudolph Herdiman aka ELECTROFUX (name as a musician) Indonesian born who lived in Bali and moved to Melbourne 3 years ago. It’s taken from the FUX of ELECTRO but I found it too vulgar; and if I google FUX it’ll go to a porn site so I reversed the word to XUF. I tried to put my ig name to @XUF but there’s some Asian chick who already uses the name, so @XUFUX became my instagram. I started art since being a kid, but I thought I was just so so. It didn’t stop me from creating stuff like making a legit flying cardboard plane from an adidas sneaker box to doodling Eddie, Iron Maidens mascots on my backpack because I couldn’t afford an Iron Maiden patch.

your work seems to be a contrast (or merge) of traditional and pop culture with an underlying theme of dance. has this been a predetermined style or one that evolved to where it is now.

I tried stencil 2007, again it’s just so so because I don’t know the technique to do until I met Quin, a street artist from Jakarta, a good mate. Quint showed me how to photoshop a design and what to print. I became a stencil artist overnight. I kept on making and pasting my work in the streets of Bali for 8 months. I was broke as fuck for doing stencil; sometimes I would skip  a meal to get few more spray cans, until one day I got a call from a friend asking me to come to this restaurant call La Favela. It was still under renovation. Turns out I was pasting my art next to the owner’s villa wall, he offered me to be the art director. With no background of an art director, I delivered it perfectly and it became one of the best clubs in Bali.

I have a lot of style when I learn to make a design, there are so many good stencil artist nowadays. I try to blend anything that you might not see in real life. I love the posture of a dancer and blending pop icons dancing in a ethnic dance. but some of my stencil are patterns or optical illusions cuts and sprayed. I have so many designs sometimes I post it on ig before i start doing it because sometimes when you are thinking of a design suddenly I’ll see someone has done the same design that I thought was mine, even though I have never met the person. Now, ever since I moved to Melbourne and the pandemic struck, I rarely do art plus I have a son and I’m primary carer so I’ll be back at it again.

image via @xufux

what draws you to the streets?

The street is a big canvas,.. and in all walks of life I will noticed a good art or a well written words. It’s the biggest gallery. Artists don’t get paid but the joy is when your work is in someone else’s camera or on an ig or fb post. I’m not good at marketing myself, so I don’t do gallery exhibition much. I always have negative thoughts about myself, in the back of my head I always have this voice saying “who the fuck will buy your art?” … so I just stick it to the streets.

image via @xufux

you are also a musician. is there ever a clash between art and music or does one inspire the other creatively speaking

I’ve always loved music and art but I chose to be a musicians before I was a street artist. I have been playing music for 20 years, but I started to get sick of the night life,..at the start people just wanted music to dance to but then people started to know more about genres, so they started requesting music and that’s where things changed for me. It wasn’t fun anymore to DJ because people were asking for Mariah Carey in a techno beat. So I gave up with humans on the dance floor.

Melbourne 2019

what has been one the highlights for you thus far

My highlights go back to when I worked for La Favela where I helped to design another two restaurants which made it into the Top 10 restaurants and clubs in Bali. 

And my life changes after I met Cara Delevingne in the club I work in. At first I didn’t even realise it was Cara. We had cool conversations and I invited her to come to my studio. Even then, I still didn’t know who she was and that surprised her. She took a lot of photos. She is really down to earth, very very humble so I never thought she was a celebrity. After hours of hanging out, she left for a photoshoot. The very next day: i will never forget this for the rest of my life.. she posted and mentioned me on her instagram on Valentine’s day.

image via @caradelevingne

all images and content are by janie d photography (aka the incidental photographer) and artworks by the artist @xufux are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without express permission

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