5 Questions with FUKT (retrospect)

Love the tag!  Whether people admit it or not, there are those who are liberal with its use and those (although they may deny it) who will “think” it.  How, where and what was the inspiration behind your street-name.

I seem to use the word a lot when I speak.  The name itself also dissuades the art community from trying to recruit my services etc (parasites!)

camperdown (may 2012)

Your work can scale the size of a building through to the tiniest stencil that would go almost unnoticed by the bulk of the non-street population. What provides the stimuli : whether it be words or extraordinary pieces as with “Best We Forget”

Good question.  I sometimes wonder what motivates my work.  When I first started I thought I had to conform to a certain style or path: big stencils & vanilla art. It’s only in the last year I feel that my work is a truthful.  eg: I’m totally cynical, so my work is a reflection of this. I’ve always had strong anti-social tendencies and a history of playing the role of Devil’s Advocate so when I see a proliferation (at least in my own opinion) of cute and safe street art then I can’t help but react and try to do the opposite.

camperdown (sept 2011)

When you see images being posted online by photographers like myself, how does that gel with you as an artists or is it merely a case of “job done…NEXT”

Not quite sure if I qualify as an artist.  I have a backlog of about 30 stencils and another 10 sites to hit, so yes ‘NEXT’ would be an apt description.

chippendale (oct 2011)

Do you find our two worlds collide (ie: personal family man vs street-artist)

Vary rarely, although it can be a pain when I’ve been out til late and my son decides to wake at 7:00am every morning, but I usually forgive him since he’s so goddamn cute!

What would be one of the more profound reactions to a piece that you have had to date

The best reaction (although may be not so profound) was when some random girl showed me her tits and she found I was the person behind the CB paste up

Newtown (June 2012)

In terms of profound reactions, I think my own are  the most important. It’s a good feeling when you see your artwork being copied in various locations around the world. It’s also amusing to realise I am more renown internationally than within my own country.

Newtown (August 2012)

all images are copyrighted to janie d photography and may not be reproduced without express permission

all art work remains the property of the artist FUKT and may not be reproduced without express permission

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